Streams of Being at Maryland Day

The Art Gallery recently hosted the exhibition Streams of Being: Selections from the Art Museum of the Americas. Curated by Assistant Professor of Latin American Art in the Department of Art History and Archaeology, Abigail McEwen, and University of Maryland graduate students, the exhibition featured forty-five artists from sixteen countries across the Americas. To commemorate and celebrate this unique exhibition and collaboration between the Art Museum of the Americas of the Organization of American States and The Art Gallery at the University of Maryland, various University of Maryland graduate students and undergraduate students have taken over our blog. Below, in the final post of the series, UMD senior Sibia Saragan recaps The Art Gallery’s event on Maryland Day, an annual campus-wide celebration that highlights UMD’s innovation, creativity and academic excellence for the public. 

Streams of Being at Maryland Day
Sibia Sarangan

UMD day poetry

Visitors await the poetry readings. Photo by Taras Matla.

On Saturday, April 25th, students, families, and community members explored the university’s campus during Maryland Day, an annual spring tradition. With emphasis on learning and fun, the campus was divided into six different sections. The Art Gallery was one of the checkpoints and highlights of “Arts Alley,” where visitors got a taste of the creative, visual, and performing arts.

In its final days, the Streams of Being exhibition was open for all and acted as a collaborative, integrative space for a diverse audience. By 2pm, over two hundred visitors had experienced the exhibition in various capacities. The gallery provided an environment conducive to storytelling and sharing, as students from the Creative Writing MFA program read their work aloud. Their narratives were received with enthusiasm and seemed to work well in the space, surrounded by the art.

UMD day poetry 2

Students from the Creative Writing MFA program share their work. Photo by Taras Matla.

The Herman Maril Teaching and Research Gallery allowed visitors to experience a more playful approach to a piece from the exhibition. In partnership with the College Park Community Center, Lindsey D’Andelet developed a project surrounding Filemón Santiago Avendaño’s Untitled, in which children designed and created their own imaginary hybrid animals. These creatures were displayed in conjunction with a stop animation film of the animals in motion.

Everyone who visited the gallery on Maryland Day seemed to be very intrigued by the show and its various ‘streams.’ The larger, more iconic works in the show drew visitors into the gallery and from room to room, while smaller pieces called for close looking and contemplation. On its last day at The Art Gallery, Streams of Being definitely received the attention and recognition it deserved. Maryland Day increased awareness of and accessibility to the gallery, encouraging families and individuals to immerse themselves in art.

end of SOB

View of the title wall through The Gallery’s front doors. April 25, 2015 was the closing day of the Streams of Being exhibition. Photo by Taras Matla.

Sibia Sarangan is a senior Art History and Government and Politics double major. Her areas of interest are contemporary African-American art and museum studies. She is currently a collections management and research intern at The Art Gallery, where she primarily works with the G. Lewis Schmidt and Kyoko Edayoshi Schmidt Collection of Japanese woodblock prints.

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